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Tom Petty



The Rock of New Jersey

105.5 WDHA is Jerseys Own Rock Radio! Serving New Jersey the best New and Classic Rock for over 25 years! WDHA has long been a trend setter in Rock radio - in fact WDHA was the first station in the country to play a CD in 1983. With a play list that combines classic rockers and introduces the future of rock and roll, WDHA appeals to the lifestyle of its core audience of 25-49 adults and a strong focus on men with exciting promotions, events and contests that combine Rock and Roll and a strong local focus on The Garden State. In Jersey WDHA is truly Jerseys Own Rock Radio.

Band: FM

Bitrate: 64 kb/s

Genre: Music, Rock, Rock

Language: English

Address: Cedar Knolls , NJ , US

Phone No: 973-455-1055

Website: http://www.wdhafm.com/MeetTheDJs.aspx